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The legend of Valis reaches its climax!!

The third installment of the highly acclaimed 'Valis: The Fantasm Soldier' reissue series is now available on Nintendo Switch™.

This edition finally includes the popular titles 'Valis: The Fantasm Soldier (PC-88 version)' and 'Valis: The Fantasm Soldier (Family Computer version)', which had particularly high demand for reissue. Additionally, the collection includes 'Valis: The Fantasm Soldier II(MSX2)', 'Valis III (Mega Drive)', and 'SUPER Valis IV (Super Famicom)', making it a total of five titles. This is the ultimate culmination of the Valis revival, an essential title for Valis and retro game fans.



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Valis: The Fantasm Soldier
(December 1986, PC8801mkIISR)

The legend of the Valis warrior begins here.

The game portrays the journey of Yuko Asou, an ordinary high school girl, as she grows into a warrior of Valis. Yuko's mission is to defeat Rogles, the ruler of Vecanti, and his four subordinates, the Vogues, to reclaim the five "Phantasm Jewels."

This title, released in 1986, is the origin of the Valis series.


Valis: The Fantasm Soldier
(August 21, 1987, Family Computer)

Can you witness the true final scene!?

Guided by the unknown power of "Valis," the protagonist "Yuko" becomes a "Fantasm Soldier" and challenges the "Fantasm Realm!"

To rescue "Princess Valia" of Fantasia, who is captured by the "Fantasm Demon King Rogles"!

This game adopts a multi-ending system and has complex maps, making it more action-RPG oriented compared to versions on other platforms.

Valis: The Fantasm Soldier II
(July 1989, MSX2)

Yuko's New Battle

After saving the Dream World from the evil hands of Rogles and returning to her normal life, Yuko receives word of a new crisis caused by the "Brutal King Megas" from her former classmate and now close friend, Reiko.

Despite her hesitation, Yuko decides to face the battle once again, driven by her own will.

The game features a unique costume system where Yuko's abilities change depending on her outfit, garnering much attention.


Valis III
(March 22, 1991, Mega Drive)

The battle with everything on the line begins!

The demon world, one of the three realms created by the gods, alongside the human world and the dream world, was facing an unprecedented crisis.

Glames, the king of the demon world, started an invasion of the dream world to ensure the survival of his race...

Informed of the crisis in Vecanti by Cham, the daughter of the demon tribe, Yuko once again takes up the sword of Valis and resolves to fight...

(March 27, 1992, Super Famicom)

From the red moon emerge the demonic phantom forces. Now, the bells of battle ring…

Lena, the strongest girl of the resistance, challenges the king of the phantom forces, Gargia, who harbors ambitions of world conquest, wielding the sword of Valis as her weapon.

The stages include the battlefield of the dream world, the ruins of Vanity Castle, the hanging gardens of Babylon, Valhalla, and others, totaling seven. The enemy's attacks change depending on the chosen difficulty level, allowing for repeated enjoyment by changing the difficulty.


​VALIS: The Fantasm Soldier Collection III

[Standard Edition]

|Price ¥8,580 (tax included)

|Type Physical version 

​VALIS: The Fantasm Soldier Collection III

[Limited Edition]

|Price ¥16,280 (tax included)

|Type Physical version 

VALIS: The Fantasm Soldier Collection III

[Digital version]

|Price ¥8,580 (tax included)

|Type Digital version 


VALIS: The Fantasm Soldier Collection III

[Digital version]

|Price $54.99/€50,00

|Type Digital version 


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