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In this work, we have finally included ``Dream Warrior Valis (PC-88 version)'' and ``Dream Warrior Valis (Family Computer version)'', which have been requested by many fans to be reprinted among the works in the series. Masu!In addition, a total of 5 titles are included, including ``Dream Warrior Valis II (MSX2)'', ``Valis III (Mega Drive)'', and ``SUPER Valis: Maiden of the Red Moon (Super Famicom)'', and the volume exceeds that of the previous work on Nintendo Switch™. It will be reprinted as "Dream Warrior Valis COLLECTION 3 (tentative)".

While recreating the atmosphere and feel of the original version when it was first released, we have created the popular ``Sound Mode'' so that it can be enjoyed not only by fans at the time, but also by a wide range of modern game fans. Additional features such as "Visual mode" and "Rewind function" are planned to be included in this work as well.


In order to deliver this work, which includes long-awaited works and is truly the culmination of Valis' revival, to more Valis fans, we would like to once again borrow the help of many Valis fans. Funding “3rd round of Valis Revival Support Project” is being held!

We have prepared a number of return items that can only be obtained through this project, including the right to publish your name in the game and various original goods, as well as a collection of materials containing extremely valuable development materials and illustrations!

We look forward to your warm support so that we can enliven the third chapter of Valis' revival together with us!


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