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This time, we have received many requests from fans for reprints of ``Valis IV (PC Engine)'', ``SD Valis (Mega Drive)'', and ``Dream Warrior Valis (Mega Drive)'', which will be released as a set for Nintendo. It will be reprinted as “Dream Warrior Valis COLLECTION 2 (tentative name)” for Switch.


We are currently conducting the second round of crowdfunding on Makuake in order to make Valis, which has been revived in the Reiwa era, shine even more and spread its charm to the world!

We have many return items that can only be obtained through this project, including original goods such as the right to publish your name in the game and T-shirts, as well as a collection of materials using extremely valuable original drawings and materials from the time of development!

We look forward to your warm support so that we can enliven the second chapter of Valis' revival together with us!

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