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In the "Valis Revival Support Project" held in June 2021 to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the Valis series, we received heartfelt messages of support and encouragement from so many fans, and we would like to express our gratitude to them. We were able to achieve great success. I'm really thankful to you.

While valuing the connections we made with fans through the previous project, we will further deepen interactive communication centered on Valis, who was revived in the Reiwa era, and share the charm of Valis, which continues to shine, with as many people as possible. We have planned the second edition of the "Resurrection Support Project" in order to gain understanding and increase the number of new fans.


Even after the previous project ended, we received many requests to port past Valis titles that were not included in the previous work, ``Dream Warrior Valis COLLECTION,'' and we were once again moved by the enthusiasm of the fans. Our company has been preparing to respond to this request, and we have now officially decided to develop "Dream Warrior Valis COLLECTION 2 (tentative name)"!

This time, we have received many requests from fans for reprints of ``Valis IV (PC Engine)'', ``SD Valis (Mega Drive)'', and ``Dream Warrior Valis (Mega Drive)'', which will be released as a set for Nintendo. It will be reprinted as “Dream Warrior Valis COLLECTION 2 (tentative name)” for Switch.

While recreating the atmosphere and feel of the original version when it was first released, we have created the sound modes and visuals that were popular with the previous game, so that it can be enjoyed not only by fans at the time, but also by a wide range of modern game fans. We are planning to include "Rewind mode" and "Rewind function" in this work as well.

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