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“Valis Revival Support Project” has been nominated for “Makuake of the Year 2022”!


Thank you very much for your patronage of Dream Warrior Valis.

The crowdfunding "Valis Revival Support Project" that our company conducted in 2021 has been nominated for "Makuake Of The Year 2022" at the "Makuake Award 2022" sponsored by Makuake Co., Ltd. So I would like to report it.
Once again, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who has supported us.

The “Makuake Award” is a prize chosen from among approximately 3,000 projects published in one year.
This award recognizes projects that have received support from supporters, the total amount of support purchases, and have had a large social impact.


Recognize projects selected by popular votes from supporters
There are also special awards such as the "Makuake Supporter Award".

We have started accepting nomination votes from Friday, October 21, 2022.
We would appreciate it if you could vote for this project.
*“Makuake of the Year 2022” nominated projects are also eligible.


Thank you for your feedbackWe look forward to your vote.


▼How to vote
From the special site (
・Tap the voting button for the project you want to vote for
・Tweet by entering the project name from "Vote for other projects"
*You can also vote for multiple projects.

From those who voted, 3 people will be selected by lottery.
Makuake Award 2021 BRONZE winner
"Puppy seal bowl set"
There will also be giveaways, so please come and join us.

▼Recommendation voting period
10/21 (Friday) - 10/31 (Monday) 23:59

▼Special site

Thank you for your continued support of Dream Warrior Valis.

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